Elgin Street Road Closures

If you live or work in the area, you may have heard about the news – there will be year-long closures on Elgin Street starting in early January. While this may sound extremely inconvenient for businesses and residents in the area, there are of course ways around it.

The city has provided drivers, cyclists, and pedestrians with detailed maps showing possible routes to use during the long construction period. All businesses in the affected area are still reachable and will be operating as usual unless otherwise stated.

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Specifics of the closures

Elgin Street will be closed to drivers and cyclists from Somerset to Catherine Street, which affects the BM Group as well as many other businesses and restaurants. Closures begin on Monday, January 7th, 2019, and are expected to go until early 2020. Pedestrians will still be able to use the sidewalks in the affected area, but some crossings will be closed off.

Routes for drivers

The following map provides alternative routes for drivers looking to travel to or through the affected section of Elgin Street.

Elgin Street closure - detours for drivers

Routes for transit users

OC Transpo has provided alternative bus routes for transit users. The two bus lines being affected by the Elgin closures are routes 5 and 14. As seen in the map below, their journeys don’t deviate much.

Elgin Street Closure - detour for transit users

How to get to the BM Group during the closures

Road closures make reaching your destination seem so much more difficult. For this reason, we offer two options:

Clients of the BM Group are more than welcome to send us their files electronically. We are able to operate virtually, and some people find this easier regardless of closures.

Secondly, we have also mapped out a route to reach the BM Group, as seen on the map below. Regardless of where you are coming from, you can arrive at Argyle Street (East) from Cartier Street or Queen Elizabeth Drive.

Clients can head either North or South on Queen Elizabeth Drive and turn onto Argyle. The BM Group parking lot will be on the left just before Elgin Street.

Should you have any issues planning your route to our office, please do not hesitate to give us a call. We appreciate your patience given the circumstances!