Corporate Taxes

 Income Tax Preparation


Filing your Corporate Income Tax Return has never been easier. Contact us to discuss your corporate taxes.

Late filing of your Corporate Tax Return can attract costly penalties with the Canada Revenue Agency. Download our simplified Tax Checklist to ensure that you provide all the necessary documentation, and to save yourself from any unnecessary trips to the office. All returns submitted via E-File for faster processing and refunds.

At the BM Group we understand how busy tax time is and how overwhelming deadlines can be. For this reason we offer electronic solutions such as sending Corporate returns to the client electronically, eliminating the need for in-person meetings. We also accept documents online through our secure Client Portal, which operates through Citrix ShareFile. This allows clients to be confident in the fact that their taxes will be filed on time, regardless of their location in the country or inability to commute.

All returns are prepared with Cantax® Tax Software or Taxprep®.